Can I be a good Mother?

This question always play in my mind. Maybe that is why I am afraid to marriage. I have a few friends have bad experience in marriage and the kids with her ex husband. The reason she was divorce because her husband was drunker and like to hit her. Then she decided to divorce and the court made her lost her kids.

Then the other case, her husband cheat with her, have another woman. Why man can't keep his promise to make commitment to be royal and honest and care each others. dunno confused

I grew up in simple family and my mother has big family so I have a lot of cousin and we were happy, although sometimes we were fight to.

This picture was when I was kid, with my big sister.

and this picture, when she back from Maldives last year.

My mother is great parents I ever had and I don't wanna make her hurt, because I always rejected the man who she ask me to marriage him, because I want to find my own man, because He always beside me in all my life. So, I want to find him by myself. I wish you understand mom hug

I want like you mom, to be great mother who always beside me when I was on trouble, you give me advice, you never forget to make me a little sad, when I was lazy go to church. You always make me be a good daughter in front of God. So, you give me good moral to make my own life, and support me when I was down.

Can I be like you?

I love kids and I wish someday I have my own kid. Making kid be great one, not perfect but the kid can enjoy her/him life. The world is hard but in harmony family make everything is easy and happy, although it is so difficult. But I know and I feel that. Like my own life

the kids world was comfortable then when we were grew up. But until now, we can survive it

Can I be good mother? I don't know but I wish someday I have change to do that. Making own family, making a good time in every day in life, although always be tear, laugh, angry, smile, sad, happy. Because it is life.

Until I have change that, just enjoy my time

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