Thanks God, I'm Normal Part 1

Today is heavy day when I wake up, since a few days I don't have good mood, good positive energy. I feel so weak and I blame myself with all problems, emotional in my life. Plus when I sleep last night, many cockroachs come to my room suddenly and stranger number ringing in my phone. Really nightmare.

Can you imagine, when I'm sleeping in the hot weather. Feel uncomfortable position because the athmosphere to hot. Then something weird in my right hands. Suddenly I'm wake up and find cockroach in my floor when I turn on the light.

Then I'm trying to kill him with the spray for kill cockroach. But he won't death. Still run away in every part my room. Till finally I can make him out from my room with the weak body, he gone. I'm trying to sleep again then I feel somehing isn't safe. Right, I turn on the light again. I found 5 cockroachs enter my room from my open window.

Ouh gross, I'm run try to kill them with little yell because I won't make my neigbores wakeup in the middle of night because of the cockroach accident. Almost 45 minutes to make them weak but one escape. Really gross and I'm glad I can survive when kill them, yell and feel so gross and gggrrr can't explain with words how's my feeling about the night. When trying to kill them my phone can't stop ringing and some text messages in. A stranger ask price machine in the midnight. So weird and unnormal time to ask something.

Ah I'm trying to sleep but can't until I feel so damn weak and tired and finally I'm sleeping. Ah that's night the point I want to shared ƗƗɐƗƗɐƗƗɐ... :D ƗƗɐƗƗɐƗƗɐ :D almost forget about the important things. Like usuall, wakeup and showering because feel so weak to make lunch box. So I just go shower and feel lazy and no power. Till time show on 7 am I'm afraid if I'm falling sleep so I decided to go to work early.

Short story, I look messy a woman in street. Her hair is like bird nest and so stiff and dirty. Although the dress but the most important when I look her foot. It had dry blood, I guess from her period time. Will continue soon, okey.

Everyone deserve to get best style

God bless us :)

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