#51 Days For Love (Story about Us)

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Five months, almost five months I make relationship with red. I am so exciting with our relationship. We know each other, maybe God make plan for our life. We met in different "world". But our love is real in this world. This is story about us.

In this story, I call him Mr Red and Me Miss Purple. ( I love purple and He loves football with the Red team in his place, so I decided to use the Red in this story).

One day, Miss Purple get message from stranger. She looked and read the message without to answer. After a few days, she answer the message from the stranger.

In other place, Mr Red was waiting for the message which he sent a few days ago. But when he open the mail, he so disappointed because he never get reply from the girl, he want to know more. He know, when he sent the message, he will never ever get the reply. But from the bottom of his heart, He want the girl reply his massage.

Tick Tick Tock Tock, the time is faster and when he open his mail. He so surprise because, he got mail from the girl who he always wait everyday.... He pray to get the nice answer from the girl...... Then...............

He is so........................ so.................. surprise and he doesn't believe, the girl say something nice to him!!

to be continue

*Keep Smile and Spirit*

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